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AMP - MVRA902B/AC - MoCA Residential Amplifier - 8 Port

With MoCA (Multimedia over Coax Alliance) having widespread deployment for high speed in-home networking, this amplifier has enhanced performance in the MoCA band to optimize the data rates for video sharing, multi-room DVR service, video conferencing and other MoCA applications. The amplifier has four amplified output ports and a reliable passive VoIP port, which maintains RF integrity even when power is disrupted to the amplifier. The passive VoIP port provides a MoCA path to the amplified output ports to ensure full MoCA compatibility. This amplifier utilizes the Antronix patented CamPort®. This autoseizing F-port ensures maximum contact area and reliability for multimedia applications. The amplifier can be mounted in an all-ports-down configuration which allows for ease of installation in a NID enclosure. The integrated MoCA point of entry filter prevents MoCA signals from interfering with an adjacent subscriber.

• MoCA Enhanced Optimized RF performance in the MoCA band ensures maximum data rates for MoCA enabled devices. Integrated MoCA point of entry filter prevents MoCA signals from interfering with adjacent subscribers.

• Passive VoIP Port for Critical Voice Service The passive VoIP port provides continuous service when power is disrupted to maintain critical voice service. The VoIP port also supports MoCA band communications to the amplified output ports.

• Self-Terminating Internal Switch An internal self-terminating switch provides excellent bi-directional RF performance between the input port and VoIP port even when power is disrupted.

• Unity Gain Forward and Return Active gain in the forward and return band provides unity gain in both directions for ease of installation.

• CamPort® Auto-Seizing F-port Patented auto-seizing brass F-port features a “Cam Activated Mechanism” to provide full contact pressure (> 2000 grams) on the center conductor for maximum reliability.

• All-Ports-Down Configuration for NID Enclosures Amplifier can be mounted with all ports facing down configuration to provide clean wiring within a NID enclosure.

• 6 kV Surge Protection Unique 6 kV surge protection without the use of arc gaps which may cause high impulse noise during discharge.

• Powder Coated Aluminum Housing Provides the most corrosion resistant protection against salt fog and rust.

• Optional Power Inserter for Remote Powering The amplifier can be powered remotely with a dual isolation compartment power inserter for high AC to RF isolation to prevent ingress.

• PTC Short-Circuit Protected UL Listed Adaptor Self-resetting circuit provides safe protection against short-circuits to minimize maintenance costs.


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