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AFN-M (MDU Mini-Node) FTTX - HFC

Antronix Premise Node (AFN) M- Series MDU High-Output FTTX-HFC


Antronix introduces the Antronix Premise Node Platform 1 . 2 G H z (AFN). The cost-effective high output AFN has been designed to receive a full complement of video, data and telephony via single optical fiber and converts the signal to RF for distribution via existing RF networks. Various optical return transmitters are available to complete the two-way communications link. An available WDM allows a single fiber to carry both forward and return optical signals. The AFN allows the systems designer to bring fiber directly into commercial applications. Additional applications include MDU, hotels, businesses, schools and colleges, residential homes and government. The AFN is available in a variety of configurations. The full-featured M-Series (AFN- MSA-xxxx-xxx) provides a constant +52 dBmV RF output over a wide optical input of -6 dBm to +2 dBm. Meanwhile, the return optical transmitter can be selected from a high-performance Distributed Feedback (DFB) lasers in either 1310 nm or CWDM wavelengths. The return path transmitter for two-way CATV service features an optional external wideband (5- 300MHz) RF input, which eliminates the need for costly sub-band modulators and demodulators in local origination upstream video applications. The AFN is designed to interoperate with most analog optical transmitters and return receivers from leading manufacturers. For easy installation and setup, the AFN provides field accessible gain and slope controls, while an external DC optical power monitor allows installation without an optical power meter. LED indicators further simplify installation.


• Impressive Performance 1.2 GHz high RF output (52 dBmV – 5/42MHz) and Low distortion push-pull amplification provides excellent carrier-to-noise, CSO and CTB performance.

• Field-Adjustable Controls Variable gain and slope plug-in pads enable optimal signal levels for both forward and return path.

• WDM Option A WDM option is available to provide 2-way communications via a single fiber. Both internal and external options are available.

• Available E-option The patented E-option plug-ins ease system design with a simple plug-in module. • Plug-In Diplex Filter • Simple Installation

• Tri-Colored LED External Optical Power Indicator

• 1 V/mW External DC Test Point

• Standard SC/APC Optical Connector SC/APC connector minimizes optical reflections.

• Patented CamPort® F-connectors Antronix’s CamPort® connectors maximize connectivity and reliability.

• Several Return Optical Transmitter Options Including: 2.0 mW, all CWDM wavelengths, 1310 Isolated DFB

• Upstream Video Insertion – (optional) External Return 5-300 MHz Input

• DOCSIS Compliant Operation • Local or Remote +12 Vdc Unit Powering

• 6 kV Ring Wave Surge Survivability