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Satellite L-Band RF Over Fiber Transmitter and Receiver kit

  • Rugged and compact L-Band fiber optic transport link.
  • Standalone flange-mount units for outdoor mounting.
  • Wide bandwidth; 500-3,000MHz or enhanced 10-3,600MHz range handles all satellite signals.
  • Low gain and high gain receiver models available; 75 output standard, 50 Ohm N, SMA or BNC optional.
  • Wide receiver optical input range of -15 to +3 dBm.
  • Transmitters available with 1310nm FP or DFB, 1550nm DFB or CWDM wavelength.
  • 1270-1610nm receiver operating wavelength range works with all L-Band transmitters.
  • FC/APC optical connector standard. SC/APC optional.