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OTOT - CATV Optical Transmitter 1310nm or 1550nm

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The OlsonTech OTOT-1200 Series of high-performance CATV Broadcast Transmitter is a high quality, full-featured standalone or 1RU 19" optical transmitter.

Designed for optical transport of DOCSIS 3.0 and DOCSIS 3.1 signals, the transmitter is ideal for CATV Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) applications, as well as direct transmission of CATV RF signals for PON or other industrial, corporate, gov’t, educational, and other applications.

The OTOT-1200 transmitter series uses state-of-the-art RF and
optical component technology with a comprehensive lineup of DFB laser
offerings providing superior performance. Available in an assortment of output levels ranging from 3dBm to 15dBm it allows spans to reach over 45km (28 miles) when used in conjunction with high performance, high sensitivity node receivers such as the OlsonTech OTPN-2200.  Less demanding applications can operate to 25dB of loss or 70km (43 miles) distance.

The OTOT is cooled with forced air via an external high MTBF fan designed to be field-replaceable without interrupting operation.

The standalone unit can be rack-mounted or mounted horizontally or vertically on most flat surfaces.